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Today was a strange day. Not that every day is strange, but today I decided to recognize today as strange.

I woke up 5:00 am and got the fire going again, surfed the web, drank coffee, made the usual to-do list.

Started on the mead process, burned garbage, fed llamas, fed chickens.

Started on ebay process, sold three items on ebay, and listed the llama beans.

Thought about work and scenarios

Got fire going again... needed serious reconfig in firebox. Some of the fingers used to hold fire became disjointed.

CAUGHT CAT ON FIRE!... The orange cat (Tioga) came up to me on my computer stinking, looking for affection. He was rubbing on me and me and the monitor, and the desk, meowing... I thought it was outside rolling in the garbage or something, but no he had somehow caught himself on fire... what a dip sh#t. Anyway, he is no worse for the wear. I found the large bit of orange burnt fur. Stinko... He is somewhat bald on his left side tonight.

Made mead. The mead is off to a good start. # more batches to go.

Went and got fire wood. I got in a fight with an apple tree and the apple tree won with a brush to my forehead. I split some apple with an axe. fun.

Packaged some llama dung for sale.

listed some radio items on ebay.

Made some pea soup that was awesome.

Helped make some fudge with Bonnie.


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