La Mara Springs

We have a sick llama on our hands. Fawna had trouble getting up yesterday morning. She was having problems using her legs. It appears she was hypothermic. She is so skittery that she has slept outside for a couple of nights. Man o man is it cold out there. It was 20 below last weekend and again this morning it is below zero with a blowing-driving snow. It is like another planet out there. We took the kerosene heater out there to work with the propane one, put down animal matts under their straw, put a heavy welder's curtain across the front of their house and we literally had to drag fawna inside. She is heavy. She now has a blanket on too. We then rolled her over so she wouldn't get stepped on so much. When I checked on them early this morning the propane heater had run out of fuel, so it wasn't toasty out in their house. Both are running right now. It should be getting toasty out there right now... perhaps in the 40s or 50s.


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