eBay item 2589232711 (Ends Jan-22-04 18:32:26 PST) - ACCU-SPREAD 3PT SALT SPREADER (HYD DRIVE)

I think this spreader listed on ebay may be just the ticket for lime spreading (and who knows what else, maybe wild bird food).

Fawna is doing better. She still has not stood up, but she is definitely better. It is extra warm in the llamahouse...Probably 55 degrees. It is only fuel! We have to weigh concerns of carbon monoxide and warmth for the animals. The last thing I want to do is go down to the llamahouse some morning and see all my buddies taking "the big dirt nap" because I got carried away with heaters. I am learning a lot about animals and people and why we get along sometimes. We got about three quarts .. no 2 quarts of warm water into her gut (1 quart spilled). We put a pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt in the water to help her recharge her battery. She is actually showing signs of being a nice llama.

Here is a picture of Fawna (not today). She has chosen not to allow the media in the llamahouse. She looks a lot better than Michael Jackson on a good day, trust me.

It got up in the mid 20s today!!! Woo Hooo! I still cannot believe how freakin cold it was the other day. Our basement door froze solid. The house was making snapping sounds because of the temperature differential. I cannot remember (I know I said it before) of a time in my life that it was below zero, snowing and blowing. On top of that I have sick large animal (llama) and had to drag her by the neck into a unlit shack out in the middle of nowhere (home I call it.). Maybe that was my Antarctic destiny right there. Life is harsh. I am so very grateful that I have the means, aptitude, physical ability, and desire to get up and face some of the crap that comes everyday.

I read a great inspirational bit the other day..."All goodness starts with gratitude". I think that is a fantastic starting point for anything. It is truely profound.

I helped DJ and Bob out with some electrical work on their new home today. That was fun. It is great to be able to return favors.


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