AeroVentures, Inc.

I noticed that often I don't post about things that have been important/changing to me. It's a bit like forgetting to take a picture when something crazy happens, even when the camera is in your hand. Journalists are trained to take the picture first then worry about everything else. I felt I did a better job taking pics in uncomfortable situations when I was in Africa. I was yelled at, threatened, scorned, and vastly outnumbered. It was uncomfortable. But, I did what I needed to do to get the result I wanted. (Video would have better in capturing some of the adversity I created.)

Aeroventures is my flying club with about 150 members and about a million dollars in assets. There has been some incredible tension with the board of directors for over a year. I joined the board in that period because of the tension. I figured it would be a skill developer.

“Calm seas never made a good sailor.”--Franklin D Roosevelt

It was indeed a skill developer. Eventually, there was legal action and a forced election to remove the board. As Secretary, I had to be part of the meelee. But I also volunteed to preside over the meeting of over 100 people, create and administer ballots, and officiate the election with many proxies.

What did I learn? What did I get to practice? What skill(s) did I develop?

A reinforcement of "You get out what you put in". Time, effort, emotion, it all comes back in exactly the same percentatge you put in. I can throttle any one of the inputs, pay attention to what they are and how much. I did good with moderating my emotions depite the sneers, complaints and outrage. I led a meeting being generous with positive messages and goodwill. I also felt accomplished that the vote was honest, fair, factual and was beyond reproach.

I was fired on that day of the vote, April 27, 2024. The words still echo. I am better at listening to that echo.



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