The Pandemic

The following is personal advice I received from a trusted colleague (MD). I think it is so well written it belongs here.

"Bottom line - this virus isn't going away, but it seems to be getting milder with the newest variant, though more transmissible / contagious. GET VACCINATED and BOOSTED! Even if you still catch the disease you can survive it with mild to moderate symptoms. Continue taking REASONABLE precautions but don't live in fear."

New cases--- Have you noticed a lot more testing going on? We have. Angie works next to a drive up testing location. The surge in testing caused our recent vacation fail. More tests means more positives.

New deaths--- I am not seeing the need for panic.

Why is there a push for panic and making things worse than they are? I have two theories, ask me and I will answer. Certainly, I would like to see more ratios in the stats.


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