It has been some home time for a while. It's good. I have been surveying my projects around here. There are many, but overall I am easily gaining on them. Once you start a project it becomes a commitment. Only thinking of them is a waste. Starting and finishing them is the virtuous stuff worthy of the human experience. Given my definition, I have about 12 open projects. My Honda S2000 didn't start the other night. I had to do the impossible limbo (feet over the trunk with top down) under the dash of a small sports car to identify the issue. The local Honda dealer wanted $85 for the part and had to order it. The OEM part on the internet was $41, fast delivery.

Angie and I have started a new regimen at the gym. We will be back up in New York soon, continued effort with the farm. There is always yard work here in Georgia. We do it all ourselves.


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