The weather has been spectacular in Atlanta. Even this weekend we had spring showers and they were pleasant. I am working on getting the irrigation system going. Since I am on a lake I can pump water from the lake for lawn irrigation. I remember from last year the houses on the lake had greener yards than the surrounding homes. I have the 2 HP pump apart trying to figure out the plumbing and how to install it. It now looks like I need to get a new impeller assembly.

The computer blew a power supply yesterday, I got a new one in this morning. Unfortunately, I had to modify the chassis for the new supply, but it works well. In looking it up, I discovered I bought the computer in 2004. I really have to get something newer and faster. Although, since I bought something good in 2004 it has not really shown its age. I probably just pushed the inevitable purchase off awhile longer.

Some pilot friends and I went shooting the other night. I think there were more females at the shooting range than men. Afterwards we had some lively discussion about government, family, girlfriends and aviation. All of my favorite topics.

I burned some popcorn the other night (not severely) I was initially upset and then realized it was probably good food for the geese. My geese friends did enjoy it this morning, and so did I. I may end up naming the geese. I think they are becoming pets albeit free to leave.

I have a guy staying with me for a few days from Australia.


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