Last week was busy and fast, and action packed. I had my Birthday at my Dad's last weekend in MA, attended and spoke at a conference in RI and then took a few days off vacationing in NYC, NY, PA and NJ. I also spent an hour or so in downtown Greenwich CT. It was many States, Cities and Towns. Great fun!

Angie and I visited a number of interesting places, including the site of the original Woodstock concert in 1969, various casinos (no gambling at all) and Centralia, PA.

Centralia, PA was worth the effort getting to. The whole city of Centralia was demolished because of an underground coal fire that has been burning underneath for 50 years. It is coal's equivalent of Chernobyl. Although the gentleman I interviewed (a native of Centralia) says the the $42 million USD buyout of the residents of Centralia was just a means to access the huge coal vein through the surface someday. During our visit, there were a bunch of different 4 wheeler- type vehicles gathered. It was very reminiscent of a Mad Max movie. Definitely a post apocalyptic scene, the experience was something like a Mad Max re-mix with a civil war reenactment. Weird.


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