Work commences on the house. "Ready, begin."

The "Fall landscaping haircut" is revealing a lot of nice plants as we knew it would. The neighbors are all nice. I have an interior designer coming over this weekend. I had the basement garage door replaced and I am nibbling at organizing stuff and what-not. I obtained some Peavey PV 115 commercial speakers to be driven by my vintage Mcintosh MC 2105 PA and C26 Preamp. I am going to drive the "fill in" speakers with the Dynaco ST 80 amp. With this setup you hardly need a sub-woofer since the main speakers are good down to 46 Hz. But, I am looking for a suitable single-channel DC-coupled vintage amp to run the sub-woofer. I may have to resort to vinyl records to get the low frequency input. Good thing the house is brick. It doesn't shake much.

You may ask where I am taking pictures of Korean stores. I am in Duluth (of course). These stores are within walking distance of my house. Great food. I had an awesome Ramon Noodle the other night. Travel without all the jet-lag.

Things are great. It is just lonely.


Unknown said…
You need some chickens down there, they will pick you right the F up, Holmes.
Charles said…

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