Well, I have almost all the plumbing work done as well as almost all of the electrical work done. I found a bit more of the wiring was ripped out of the house by the foreclosees than I figured. It worked out to be about 50 dollars more in materials (nothing compared to the costs of copper today). On the other side, I discovered the electric is all in for the spa. Not that I have the spa yet. I am certainly gaining on the house. I have my vintage McIntosh audio equipment hooked up to the computer for some really fine tunes and I am adding to the suite of audio equipment. A few more pieces to have it perfect, at least for now.

My geese neighbors got in my way this morning on my drive out of my neighborhood. My place is pretty well fenced for geese. I don't need those turd machines making more work for me.

I went for an especially nice flight today. Descending over Lake Lanier I couldn't help but think about my boating experiences on lake Ontario and what a step-change I have experienced with aviation. I like aviation better, especially as I am descending over a lake with lots of boats. It was a lot like like flying over the golf course in Greene, NY.

Having my car in a garage was a new experience, believe it or not. It is a first for me. This the first place I have lived with my own car in a nice garage. Simple pleasure.

At the flight school today, I got to witness a first solo of a student. I confirmed with the folks there that the first solo "is the milestone". All the other hurdles and accomplishments don't match up to the first time you get in the plane by yourself and fly around the patch by yourself. It was good to witness.

Expect to see more blogs in Portuguese. It is Brazil's time. They have been waiting patiently. Eu meu chamu chr-les. Tchau Tchau.


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