I really like my job. It is very challenging, stressful and demanding. These attributes are clearly offset by a supportive boss, excellent executive leadership, and a sense of pending and enevitable success. Making presentations in the boardroom of a Fortune 500 company is fulfilling and enlightening. Every other place I have worked is/was envious of the situation I live. The company is less that 20 years old. There is great heritage with our divisions, smart dedicated people. It is a matter of drawing the best out and leveraging, not of dominance, not of cowardice and deception.

Whereas my last place of employment was filled with impending doom, scorn, excoriation, belittlement, leadership embarrassment and some of the most backwards thinking I have ever experienced.

Stuff that truly took decades at my old place of employment is done in my new experience in 6 month time frames. I laugh when I look at the facts. That's what happens when you have employees not appointed drones.

I am headed off to Jacksonville FL for the day, Saturday. I will spend time with my Mom and my Sister. I am taking a short flight down and back.

Next week I am spending time in Jackson Minnesota. I suspect it will be cold and wind blown. I have also booked a trip to Fargo North Dakota in March. We go where we need to go when we need to go. It was -40 below in Finland yesterday and 90 degrees in Brazil.

Here is what the weather was like when I got to NY after being in a sugar cane plantation sweating the day before.


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