I am in NY for the weekend. Calisto the llama is dead. He was the white llama that Bonnie saved when I was in Antarctica. It was a miricle he lived. But, as we know, life (even prolonged) is a temporary thing. He leaves his three brothers, Artemis, Aires, and Professor.

DJ and I are making plans for the Bakery. Decisions to be made, things to do.

My Brazil trip left some significant impressions on me. I got to see a sugar cane operation from planting to finished product. I was most impressed by the sustainability. Brazil has the reputation as having non-sustainable business. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The US really needs to wake up. Brazil is becoming a world power, no doubt. I spent time in 4 different cities in 4 days.

The sugar cane is processed from the raw can into sugar, ethenol, and electricity in the same plant. Very impressive.

I have a cold again from moving about so much without sufficient rest and care.

The snowy pic was not in Brazil but from Berkshire NY to Speedsville NY for Church this Morning.


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