I am Sao Paulo Brazil concluding this trip to South America. I worked my way up from Buenos Aires, Porto Allege and now Sao Paulo. There have been a whole bunch of cities in between. The weather has been nice. The temps through this trip have ranged from 90F down to about 70F (in the rain). I can't count how many formal meetings I had until I go through my notes and certainly the number of informal meetings is almost incalculable.

I like Brazil and I liked Argentina more than I expected. The Brazilian people are friendly, hard working, enterprising and the women are very good looking as a whole. All and all I think the people here are very positive by nature. A good example is that when a shop owner told us not to park in front of his store it was with a sincere smile, not a snarl. And there was little or no animosity from the driver.

We got caught in Sao Paulo traffic a couple of times. Most nights we made it to the dinner by 11:00 PM. In one case, I needed to remind myself that the inconvience we felt waiting in traffic was not what the motorcycle driver and his family felt with his almost certain death.

I will be back in Brazil in February, after a similar whirlwind trip in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.


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