I'm in Berkshire for a couple of days. Of course I got a cold. At least I was nice enough to do it on a holiday weekend (huh?).

In Kansas, in public places, a sign is required (shown below) to indicate that it is NOT ok to bring a concealed weapon inside. Also there is a pic of my office. Some airports have these nice work stations. They really are nice.

DJ and I were in Rochester and went to a comedy show that was fun, then to Skaneateles on the way back to Berkshire.

My mentor and I took the plane out and washed it. That was fun. I have noticed how much more relaxed I am in the air. The pic shows Greene NY airport on downwind 25 and then on final. See the open hanger. The grass next to the hanger is the runway.

Tomorrow I am off to Europe again.


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