It has gotten unseasonable warm in the last couple of days. Anything above freezing is really welcome except for the mud that accompanies the warm weather. I still have the tire changer in the back of my truck because I don't want to create a mud pit with moving the machines around to unload it.

I am selling furniture of my Mom's and charging extra for delivery. I often forget the conveniences of owning a pickup truck.

I booked a vacation in Costa Rica. I will stop in in Florida to visit my Mom in her new home and then off to Southern Costa Rica. The destination is off the beaten path and there is not a lot of tourism there yet. There is fantastic fishing and it is really economical compared to other places. It is an "all exclusive" vacation. No tour, no resort, no planned meals, no organization. I will be checking out real-estate for sale.

This is the plane at the destination airport for the last leg of the journey over the rain forests over Costa Rica.


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