I am tired. I did a lot of outdoor work this weekend. I am a bit behind on my firewood, but I will get there. I obtained some 12 x 12 hemlock beams. I am working with an Architect for deck/porch design. These beams may be part of look. The local stone is already in the plans. I will hopefully have the design complete in September, which is good because I have some repairs to do before winter.

I am getting pretty good at getting pictures of cars flipped over off the road as I drive by. I have no idea how this vehicle/person got there. The utility pole is broken and the guard rail was only slightly damaged. Maybe he came out of the side street and flew mostly over the guard rail. It was on NYS Rt 79 near Lisle.

There is a picture of a very large hit and miss engine that a neighbor has in his repair shop. Who says two-stroke motors are lightweight?


Anonymous said…
Dude, that's why I keep telling you about puttin' lids on cars!


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