Well it is 8/8/08 at 888 N. Ketchumville Rd. just past 8 o'clock. Sounds good. Saw yet another nice rainbow on the farm tonight. I have seen sooo many here.

Had Rooster Salad last night on a flour tortilla. Ya know, as I was eating Mr. Chicken Friend I couldn't help but think about how much he tasted like rattlesnake. Go figure. It was good.

Another busy weekend is planned. I am trying to get 10 lbs into a 5 lb bag. I am multiplexing about 20 projects this summer. They have been on a card in my pocket. I then use other cards for the shorter term "do lists". All the projects are moving. There has really only been a few distractions from the begining of the summer. Of course they were worth the flexibility. I did my first consignment with an auction house today. We see how that went tommorrow.

I will be going flying next Tuesday is the plan. What a great place to fly. I have really learned to enjoy the feeling and the sensations of the plane when I pull the throttle back to idle on short final. I can close my eyes and experience the joy in feeling of pushing the air down, managing airspeed, attitude, and descent.


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