In retrospect, I got a lot done in the last few days. I looked at the dozer. This coming weekend we will probably get it started. There is a fuel problem on the pony motor. I moved a bunch of junk for a friend and I ended up with some of it, including a genuine 1910 electric lamp post from downtown Penn Yan NY. It is cast iron and formed tin. I like it. I am not sure what I am going to do with it but it may end up in the garden as focal piece.

I ran in the corporate challenge 5k race. I finished in just over 25 minutes.

I got the jeep stuck and unstuck. The trick with getting stuck and unstuck is simple. Don't force it. Get a bigger tractor. If you don't have a bigger tractor, find someone else with a bigger tractor. Simple.

I made a nice little whirly gig for the garden out of broken salad tongs. I enjoyed that more than I realized I would. I am making a bigger one out of an old window fan and lamp parts.

I have my 1951 Evinrude outboard dissembled almost ready for stripping. I had to deal with a lot of stuck screws. I still have one that is a real challenge that I am still working. I also found a source for canvas for my canoe. Art supply stores are where to look. It makes sense.

I gave a presentation at the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM) Friday. That was interesting and fun.

I had the llamas sheared (finally). They were roasting. Professor was terribly behaved. I used Aries to calm him down and Aries even spit at professor a couple of times. All the other llamas were good. They are all nice and lightweight and clean shaven, like me. Yes, the moustache is gone now too. Looking at my hair in the following pics I might have to shave my head next.

My chainsaw was hit by a falling tree (go figure). It turns out the crack in the plastic case is nearly fatal damage. It is leaking oil. It is hard to believe that it is cheaper to buy a new saw than properly fixing a crack in the plastic part! The mechanic I saw said he can glue it, so he is working on it.


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