I had a interesting experience last night (like most nights). I volunteered to scrap out a fairly large camper trailer to help out my friend Roger. He is moving and he needed to get it off the property. So I told him I would take it, tear it apart and sell the aluminum (maybe 200 bucks). Of course, there is quite a bit of nuisance involved and the "fluff" left over from a camper is no fun at all. Most junk yards won't take them because of the amount of fluff. So I hooked up the truck, no safety chains, no lights, and a tire that is leaking air. Wouldn't you know that moving the trailer caused the leak to get bigger. And after filling it with air a couple of times, the tire disintegrated. "OK, I can deal with this." I am about three miles from home and there is a fresh layer of new asphalt down on the road up ahead. The new asphalt is so rare in my neighborhood; I really couldn't bear the thought of having the bare rim chew it all up. I did drive a few miles on the rim, but the new road was too much. I decided to stop at one of the local hillbilly houses that looks more like a junk yard than a home. All I had to say was, "you want it?" There was a great deal of excitement, "Just back r right in here, w'll strip r tonight!" The liliputians were all over that thing like piranas. It was a great end to a problematic situation and I got the chance to mingle with some native "Bershirians". The next day I had a macabre need to drive by to see what the bones looked like.


Anonymous said…
Did any of'm follow you home??


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