The station mode is changing. We are changing from primarily an aviation supported group to marine supported. The Swedish ice breaker ODEN is more than halfway through the sea ice to station. They will be here is another day or so. It is pretty strange to consider that the ship will essentially be cutting a channel through our early-season ice runway where we were landing Air Force C-17s just a few week earlier. We are still hoping the sea ice will blow out to sea.

Ice breakers don't really cut through the ice. They have a hull that allows them to slide up on the ice and the ship breaks the ice by its weight. The ship goes back and forth breaking up the ice that is almost 9 feet thick. Pumps are used to transfer ballast and pump water on top of the sea ice to lubricate it so the ship can more easily move on top of the ice.

A co-worker got word that he will be on the Nathanial B. Palmer for a cruise or two after February. Getting this work on the research ships can be very competitive.

The bad news is we have a sick llama.


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