I went up to the ham shack last night. The 20 meter band opened up and the next thing I knew I has working the pointy end of a very large pile up. We did do some rag chewing and some of the contacts were especially fun. I will have to spend some more time up there. We have another 2 day weekend coming up for new years. I am going to volunteer in the galley, cleanup around the ham shack, and work on my movie.

This photo of a skua and her chick was given to me by a co-worker. The orca picture was taken last year in the shipping channel. The shipping channel is a cut in the sea ice made by an ice breaker in order to get the supply ships (and others) to the ice pier here at McMurdo. The Swedish Ice Breaker "Oden" is cutting the shipping channel this year. We are still hoping the sea ice will breakup and move out leaving a liquid McMurdo Sound.


Anonymous said…
That's a big fish, huh!

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