Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for the family and friends I have back home. I am thankful for the molecules that bring warmth through combustion. I am thankful for the molecules that make me warm through digestion. I am thankful for water that gives rejuvination. I am thankful for the person that lifted the other side of a load when they saw I was struggling. I am thankful for being there so I could help someone with a load when I saw they were struggling. It is that simple.

I am back at McMurdo Station, (AKA, Mactown, The Rock, Mud Town and others.)

My experience out at Taylor Dome was extreme. It was an experience I shall not easy discard as I make decisions and realize what is important. It was a focusing experience. It was a part of a peak experience.

McMurdo is not Antarctica. Antarctica is out there in the deep field camps.

I slept out in my tent on the polar plateau at -30 degrees. I worked on the roofs at -40 degrees. I got the radios installed, worked on some solar stuff and generally "got 'r dun."

The weather was a little dicey (common saying). But the plane successully landed at Taylor dome and I am back from my awesome twin otter flights to and from 8500 feet elevation on the polar plateau. The attitude effects are amplified due to the rarified air and ambient cold temperatures. I had a bit of a headache and fatigue, but nothing else. Help is along way off at these sites. Basically, if something bad happens to you. You will die. There were 12 people at camp. The cook fed us all in a shelter on skis and a few have to stand while you eat. It is very tight. The flight back to Mactown was going to happen Friday morning or the next weather opportunity was looking like next Tuesday.

I have two days off here at McMurdo now for Thanksgiving.


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