I am getting a little ahead of myself. It turns out I am not quite yet PQ'd. My medical should be approved Tuesday. My blood chemistry looked great in the sheet that I received. I am healthy. Not only am I healthy, I am healthy enough to go risk my health in the world's most desolate, highest, dryest, windiest, coldest, most remote continent. I ordered a new carb for the bobcat. I still have to order some extra camera batteries and SD cards. I think my laptop is in pretty good shape and I think I am feeling a little more like I am ready for this experience.

The interary had me a little freaked out since it had me coming back to the States in April. April is emergency evac time from Mactown, not summer help coming home. I am planning on leaving on or about the 15th of October and returning in mid February.

I will be in Denver for a couple of days on my way to the ICE.

I have been reading and reading about Antarctica. Everything from the history of early discovery to details about the clock that curently hangs in the galley in Mactown. I have also been pouring over the USAP "Field Manual".

I will be concentrating on my job and getting science done.


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