It has been unseasonably mild out. Today it is 25 degrees and mostly clear and calm. The springs are really working out back. Even though it is 25 degrees out most of the water is not frozen and running very nicely since it is coming right out of the ground. I found a new spring that I did not know about today. You can see so much more in the woods this time of year. It is really nice to see through the woods and still see woods, not a neighbor, or dump or something. Woods to the left, right and center. I got a couple week's worth of wood today. The jeep is leaking gas. I will add that to its long list of ailments. I think if it had a spleen it may be close to being ruptured. It doesn't handle real well when you have the spings on the stubbers. It reminds me of the dog on the "Grinch that stole christmas."

I ran a Carfax on the jeep. The following message was returned:


Anonymous said…

I do NOT see wood sticking out the side windows of your Jeep. I am disapointed by your waste of carrying capacity.

G. Mills

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