Fantastically Dangerous Capacitor-bank Experiments

This link reminds me of the time when me and a friend were planning to build an ION laser using extraordinarily large capacitor banks. We did all the design work on the capacitors. We just never funded the project. It probably would have cost about a thousand dollars total. It seems like a lot at the time. The other thing about self-funding experiments is the heartbreak when the expensive toys go up in smoke... good experiment... good lesson... It just costs money. These capacitors could be a great source of amusement for many projects.

NYSE&G just left. They hooked me up. They didn't want to come back this afternoon. So I called the inspector and he called it in and said it was ok. He is still coming out to look at things, but the service entrance has been switched from overhead via pole to underground via the barn with a bypass load center to the house underground. The NYSE&G guy said I did good work. That made me feel good. I stress out over stuff like this. I feel relieved. As long as the inspector doesn't have any huge issues I should be all set. It was an expensive project, but I saved thousands versus having an electrician do it. I still have to call the phone company to do the final cut-over to their new underground line now.

My finger still hurts a bit. The needle intended for the llama must have hit a nerve... or a bone. I am sure it will feel better soon. My arms are tired from bending all that 4/0 cable. What a pain this stuff is!.


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