Llamapaedia: Medical: Sick Llama

Fawna is doing better. But she is still not standing up. She almost made it up about an hour ago. Bonnie and I have pushed more fluids in her. She is definitely getting more alert and has more energy. It takes two people to administer the fluids. One to hold her neck and the other to gently slip the baster into her mouth and get her to drink.

Here are the tools, a turkey baster, fluorescent lantern and a thermos. We have been using warm water with a pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt. She ate some grain as well. I expect her to be standing today or tomorrow at this rate.

Here is a photo of fawna today. She allowed the media in, but decided to appear in a sicker-than-normal-look pose. You can not see the plastic strips that cover the doorway. The strips allow the the light in, but they also hold the heat inside the llamahouse. It was well over 50 degrees in the llamahouse when I took this photo. I reminded Bonnie that she had told me she wanted to be a vet when she was a kid. In our case, here, I find the challenge stimulating. These llamas are very sensitive animals. To see her (fawn) become more trusting of us when she is sick is inspirational. Gentle does it with these kids.


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