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Fauna is marginally better. Bonnie is sick and in bed and it is nearly impossible to get water or meds into her by yourself. Bonnie has dragged herself out to help work with fauna. I just hope bonnie doesn't get sicker to help the llama that may have to be put down. I exercised her legs a bit and forced some water and meds in. Despite the cold temperature (below zero again) the llama house is warm. I need another 5 gallons of kerosene. Life is harsh in Berkshire. Wood and coal heats the house, propane and kerosene heats the llamahouse. Tomorrow, I will get her back in the sling and give her the "Siberian llama workout". She hates those. She is kicking a lot more. In fact, tonight she started kicking me with her back legs... "Oh what a beautiful thing" She didn't spit at me today but she thought about it before work this morning. I have every reason to think she will recover. However, I have lived this situation before. She may have to be put down.

"Plan for the worst and hope for the best". Onward and upward the next thing will be glorious.

I won a spreader on ebay yesterday for the tractor... All I have to do is pay for it.

Spreader link for 90 days


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