Internal memo confirms IBM move to Linux desktop

It is cold out this morning. The stove was out this morning as well. I should have put some coal in it last night but the wood is free and the coal costs pennies. I got a new propane tank for the llamas so they were probably nice and toasty in their llamahouse. I have to get the other tank filled today. I am really having a problem loosing this cold. It is not a bad cold, just tenacious. I have to go do the animal feeding in a couple o' minutes...uh oh.. The snow plow just went by the house. I might have to plow.

A state trooper stopped by last night. It turns out someone broke into the neighbor's house yesterday during the day. They didn't take anything it appears. They said there was another similar break in over on Wilson creek road. The neighbor called and told us about the same stuff the trooper did. We are keeping our eyes peeled for any thing suspicious.


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