medieval labyrinths - contemporary medieval

I decided on a pattern for my labyrinth. It is called the "santa rosa" as shown in the picture. It is a contemporary design based on the Chartres labyrinth in France. I specifically like it since it has a focal point that you view from four angles on the way in and on the way out. The design is 200 feet across which calculates out to be almost exactly 1 mile to walk in and then out. I am still deciding what the attraction points will be in the center and at the focal point but I know I will use water in at least one spot. Maybe a fire pot at another. The labyrith is crudely staked out now through the arrowwood viburnum. I am going to use the small tractor to mow it since I measure the holder turning radius at 12 feet. That is a tight turning radius for a 65 hp tractor but not tight enough for the switch backs on the labyrinth. I have to do all this work in the winter or spring while everything is dead so I can actually see what I am doing. I will spend some time out there today.


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