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Image Useful Llama and Alpaca Items We had a good Holiday. My Brother, Sister in law and my mom were here. We had a pretty good llama hike with our new hunter-orange collars.
NSC Issue - Agricultural Safety Thanksgiving was good. We had lobsters and NY strip steaks. Yeah, diet food, uh huh. I made lobster stock last night and today. I expect to make some awesome lobster bisque in a couple of weeks. It made the whole house smell like fish, but the stock turned out very lobstery. We shall see when we as we work through the clarification process. James and I worked on the Holder Tractor today. It runs great now. I am trying to get the heat working
The Labyrinth Society Today. It struck me. I will create a labyrinth for our llama walks. I have the land, grass, space, desire, mower, and even llamas. What a great idea. I will be researching patterns and figuring out how to survey it. This will be great fun. labyrinths are famous for psychic healing through the patterns and exercise. What a strees reliever it will be. Imagine ariving at our farm and taking a llama for a walk through a one mile labyrinth and then walking with the llama through some of the prettiest forest you have ever experienced. After that we make brunch out in the clearing around the old thorn apple tree. You can relax in a hammock as the llamas are in their holding pen at that point. After brunch we make our way back to the world just in time to begin a great winery tour of New York state fingerlakes region. Doesn't that sound like folks would want to spend money for a day like that? I think so. If you every wanted a good working model of what Information Architecture is the above link may help. This guy is working on Information Architecture. Ishould be sleeping.
RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus This is a great site forrhyming I delivered the following Toast to Canada at the district conference tonight to honor our visitors from canada. I thought it went well. My trip this summer up to James bay came back to me when I was writing it. Let us toast. Oh Canada, Between the ice caps of the north pole and the States United There lies a land in which we’re invited Where symbols of hockey are part of the style And we remember there are 1.6 kilos per mile It is Canada. Oh Canada. The cities down south, cosmo for sure The worlds growth living lifestyles ensured The vast wilderness panoramic and great It opens the heart we know the son create It is Canada. Oh Canada. Between the provinces Bilingual is norm Constant, goverment the state is reform Here we know Otego, Otisco, Oswego, Owasco... and Owego. both we have winters, snow, although
A Moron's Guide to Toast: An Online Humor Resource for Those Who Want Toast This is an invaluable site. Great reference.
Are Asteroids History's Greatest Killers? It is really neat to see how "planetary impact" has really become a good science in the last 20 yrs or so. I remember the stuff we were taught in 5th grade about stuff that in these few years has turned out to be dead ass wrong (DAW). A good example of DAW teaching was that all biological life depended on the sun. That turned out not to be true at all, after the discovery of biologics near volcanic vents at the bottom of the oceans.
Facts about Antarctica, index I am thinking about Antarctica again. What does that mean? I do not know. It must mean winter is coming or I am getting restless. It will be time soon enough to get my application in for a summer antarctic job again. Maybe this year I will get the opportunity. Generally it takes a PhD to clean toilets in Antarctica, or a least a Masters degree in environment waste management, no kidding. The jobs I am suited for are the ones to help scientist manage their data and information as to ensure time and experiments are not lost. It is summer in Antarctica now. The hiring season for the next Antarctic summer starts in May. I had a dream the other night I managed to get on the ice roads up on hudson bay, with a road train. That would be fun too. I am pretty sure in the winter you can drive all the way to greenland. There are numerous Inuit Indian towns along the coasts which are totally unreachable by land. I bet gas gets expensive there. Our guide in Jam
I find some weird stuff out there on the web. I would call this style "relentless_unknown_dream_beat". I really get a kick out of people. The good stuff is on the web, served up for your amusement if you have the ability to concentrate on the question, not the answer. How long will it take? Maybe forever. O Wondrous Llama Much is made of the llama, that frisky little critter who is frequently glimpsed chewing on large distended sacks of filth over by the side of the highways and byways of this great land. But how much do we really know about this rakish knave, this whimsical creeper in the twilight world of the underbrush? What are his habits, his dreams, his preoccupations, his intimate hygienic problems, his credit card numbers? At home, the llama is a savage brute, fond of rubbing ferns on his bottom and playing the kazoo. He beats his children daily with hardened balls of inexplicably furry mucus. A
www. GOPHER MILK IN A SHOE .com I wonder if we should milk the llamas? What wild claims can I make about llama milk? Maybe I can claim it grows wool on your head instead of hair. Well I picked up a few more bales o hay tonight. The llamas just keep on eating... kinda like me. I figure I had better skid some trees up front for firewood this winter. It takes too long to cut it up out back. I can concentrate on getting trees closer to the house then cutting them up at my "logging leisure". I think my Holder tractor will fit the bill just fine. I will be sitting in a heated cab dragging a tree with a chain. Sounds like hard work doesn't it?
Ben Chapman's Menu Page I lost my speech contest yesterday. I think I was disqualified because of time. Oh well. I am planning on thge tall tales and Internation contests for the spring. My sister sent me a poem she wrote about the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" dinning in an evening dress. It is unquestionably odd. She says it is part of her creature series in poetry. Hopefully she can get me the original art that goes with the poem and I can post both.
llama packing, news, equipment, literature and ranch source It is just a few hours until the divsion speech contest. My speech as about my llamas. "It took me exactly 3 minutes to learn that rope, trees and llamas do not mix as I was lifting a llama off me"
CuraGen Corporation Investor Relations This is a neat milestone. The true visualization of how DNA works is not far away for humans.
How To Become A Good Orator? I must practice for my humorous speech contest this weekend. I am a wreck over this... but it is always worthwhile. I get better every time!.
Image -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids Karl Kuehn took some great aurora borealis photos the other night. Very impressive.
RecycleNet Scrap Metals Index - Online Market Prices Scrap metal prices are sometimes surprising to folks. The value of junk can really make a difference in projects and the bottom line. The real "scrappers" don't want people to know how much scrap metal is worth since you are effectively bypassing the middle man if you would throw it out. The scrappers will get the dividend picking through the trash at the tipping floor. Information is power, or in this case information is beer money.