Facts about Antarctica, index

I am thinking about Antarctica again. What does that mean? I do not know. It must mean winter is coming or I am getting restless. It will be time soon enough to get my application in for a summer antarctic job again. Maybe this year I will get the opportunity. Generally it takes a PhD to clean toilets in Antarctica, or a least a Masters degree in environment waste management, no kidding. The jobs I am suited for are the ones to help scientist manage their data and information as to ensure time and experiments are not lost. It is summer in Antarctica now. The hiring season for the next Antarctic summer starts in May.

I had a dream the other night I managed to get on the ice roads up on hudson bay, with a road train. That would be fun too. I am pretty sure in the winter you can drive all the way to greenland. There are numerous Inuit Indian towns along the coasts which are totally unreachable by land. I bet gas gets expensive there. Our guide in James bay told us how much ... but I cannot remember. I suspect it gets to be in the 20 dollar per gallon range.


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