Walmart. -- The race to the bottom

I filled out a Walmart survey today. I have no real idea why. I guess I was a sucker for the $1000 dollar chance prize.

Besides letting them know about the non-caring employees (I didn't start in on clientele) I provided the follow suggestion:

Even with no line, the cashier bagging and scanning is helpful and faster. Bagging at the self checkout is cumbersome at best. The protocol used for self-scan doesn't seem to allow for fast scanning. I often "tilt" the system and have to wait for a attendant.

You should develop a tunnel scan system where we put items on a belt and the items get a 360 degree scan, if it fails scan it will be redirected either to an attendant or a second pass through the tunnel. Bagging could also be automated based on the SKU, sorted and gently dropped into bags.


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