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Views of North Georgia

I flew up to the North Georgia mountains today. The first pic shows the observation station on top of Brasstown Bald , the tallest mountain in Georgia. Here is a pic of me in the S2000 in the Brasstown Bald visitor parking lot which you can see in the first pic. From blog in 2016 It is interesting to see the perspective change from Sports Car to Airplane.

Building Moving Day

In working on the church Thriftshop we decided to move a small building. After a couple of attempts I got it done. We had to take the building out onto Holcomb Bridge Road. Don't tell any one and I aplologize for the extra traffic congestion it caused. We used some interesting equipment made by Cardinal manufacturing to move small buildings.

Snow in Atlanta

It is snowing in Atlanta. It is pretty close to the forecasts. Best not to drive for sure, not because of my driving skills, but other's lack of skills. It is almost funny. Living in Upstate NY, especially in the rural hilly area I can appreciate what we did on a normal basis in NY, other folks not so much.