Hanging Seats Now Available for my Late Brother and Sister in Law

We just went thru a major reorgization in our flying club. I received a significant dividend as well as other perks. It was a great move to grow the club and make it even more sustainable. I sold "my" 172 into the club as the third aircraft. We are now looking to purchase our 7th aircraft. Our latest plane is a PA-28-236 a Piper Dakota. It is very cool. Aeroventures Great People. Great Club. I will be flying more. It is a great hobby.

I didnt get the boat in the water yet. The spirit didn't hit me. For sure though that doesn't mean I am sitting around-- much. I decided to finally hang the two canvas hanging chairs that my late Brother James and late Sister-in-law Mary bought us. I made some great brackets and mounted them very well in the gazebo at the lake behind the house. I also added a wifi repeater. I am proud of how I attached the hippie chairs after thinking about how over the years.

Mary, James, your seats are ready.


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