Summer Duluth GA

Summer is starting to hit in Georgia. Hot and Humid. Overall, I like the weather here in Duluth.

I bought a hand pump about 25 years ago intending to use it at the Victor NY house. I never did, and I have been moving it around all this time. I finally put it to use here in Duluth. It works. But, after 25 years of neglect it needed refurbishing. I had to buy a new leather seal from my Amish friends in Ohio. It also needed other other remediation. It pumps great now, double acting, pumps on both up and down strokes.

I installed a bunch of LED lights on the boat. I also draped some flashing LED lights around on it for participating in the "2021 Cardinal Lake Lights Up" event. It was different and fun.

I took a pic on my early morning walk this week. The full moon was impressive.

Our church is selling part of our property. I am heading up the relocation of the thrift center. It is good creative work turning the lower floor of the Youth Center into retail space.


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