I took my bi-annual flight review this past week. Time flies! I am looking to fly more than I have been. I took a picture of the track that looked like fun, although I dont know what it is. It looks like a training course perhaps. I am looking for some new adventures. The flight club Aeroventures has grown so much. We are reorganizing again. A definate successful investment on my part. I just bought some stock in ticker "SV" which is a merger stock to bring Aerofarms public in July as ticker "ARFM". I guess I am now positively biased towards entities that start with "Aero".

In doing some stalls in the plane I think I acheived a personal best -- 39 knots slow. The Airspeed indicator is not very percise especially outside the flight envelope, but the ADS-B data shows the speed.

Vlad passed his CDL license. The tractor barely fits in the neighborhood. He will be on the road almost all the time now. He will likely be staying with us for his occasional stops in ATL.

The flower was given to us by my late sister-in law Mary. It just blossomed.

Most of the gas stations near the house are still out of gas after the Colonial Pipeline fiasco. Colonial is HQ'd nearby in Alpharetta. I know folks that work there.


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