Upstate NY Trip

We are back from another trip up north and back to GA. Over 2k miles in 5 days. We took a canoe north as well as picked up an unregistered camper trailer in Tennesee.

As usual, the trip was multi-faceted. I am doing some property line swaps with my neighbor. I am putting in a new driveway for a planned underground house. We met with some precast concrete folks and we are making plans. The surprise was that the surveyor found one of the property lines was about 200 feet from where we thought it was (in our mutual favor). The other neighbor hasn't got the news yet. After the property lines are worked out mathematically and iron pins set is when we will have that discussion. It hasn't been surveyed in 150 years. Surveying technology improvements is part of it, but generally over time people forget exactly where the property line is/was.

We did some driving on hunting and logging roads. I really enjoy my truck. It now has over 20k miles on it (4 out of our 5 cars have less than 50k miles). A panoramic photo of the building site. A pic of a rusty Upstate NY pickup truck. The salt does wonders breeding tin worms. I had to expain to a local the reason I took the pic is because people down south (and elsewhere) do not believe how bad it gets. Angie is showing off her favorite (mismatched) gloves she bought at Greggs in Whitney point. The gloves have travelled around the world.


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