Angie has been working a crazy schedule at her job at a jewelry company. I decided to take a day off from work so we could do some advemture together. We decided to go visit a modern megalithic site here in Georgia. A road trip in Februray. The weather was clear, a bit chrisp, but sunny and clear. The Georgia Guidestones are about an hour and a half drive from Duluth. They sit in Elberton GA, where there are huge deposits and quarries of Blue Granite. I like to say "Gran-ITE". Since it is a mineral after all. We dont say "stalag-TIT" do we? Anyhow. It was a good day trip exploring Richard B. Russell lake and the back roads of Georgia. It struck me again how depresesed and unchanging Upstate NY is compared to Georgia.

The semi truck we saw splitting at the seams was exactly that. The suspension was flexing the trailer a lot. It seemed dangerous to me. I am glad I was not pulling it waiting for it to fall apart on the highway.


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