This pandemic thing really is something novel. I have no comparable experience in my 50+ years on the planet. My take is that it is a two year event. Things will go back to normal considering that "back to normal" is a idealist and comfort filled thought. Cities will continue to grow. People will continue to gather and it will all be forgotten as fast as it came upon us.

A couple of pics. 1.) Jewell the cat relaxing. If you twist the pic 90 degrees counter clockwise it looks like she may be dreaming about driving a car or something. 2 and 3.) A train on one of my walks through the woods, a bit of a power-move with 4 engines. The driver gave me two quick blasts on the horn to say hello. It was appreciated. 4.) I took a pic in my neighbors yard (not a game farm) of the local alpha bucks. ... they are conspiring, it appears. -- Who's stuff is whos? Whare are the girls? 5.) A pic out the back door of the house in Georgia. Winter has its own beauty even here in Duluth GA.


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