We are out in California emptying out the Apartment. I found a guy to tow a u-haul trailer cross country for us. It has been great taking 2 months "off" catching up on projects in Georgia and other things. I was going to try and write down everything I did in the last two months for myself and started the list... it was very very long, but there is still a lot of stuff undone still. Some of the projects include. 1.) A new lawn irrigation system, 2.) Bathroom remodel, 3.) Electrical work including a.) 50 Amp outlet in garage, b.) New outside weather-tight outlet through on the deck. c.) Hot tub work, d.) irrigation system electric for pump (I take water from the lake with a 2HP pump) and controller. 4.) rearranging and cleaning stuff (required laying out the hardwoods and letting them get a sunbath. Its all nice and properly stacked now). 5.) Several bicycle repairs and reassemble, including a new hydraulic brake, 6.) Lots of Radio bench work including the FRG-8800. 7.) Truck e-track hold down system 8.) Boat work 9.) Dock Work 10.) Yard Work 11.) Power tool repair (router) and much more.

I am back at work this coming week, albeit remotely.


Getting the Honda on truck for the long ride back to Georgia. I couldn't find an escutcheon for the new 50 AMP connection (fast car charger) in the garage so I made one. I think it turned out ok. View from apartment -- don't cry for us Costa Mesa. We enjoyed California.


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