This weekend I have been reflectful of our time here in Southern California. I don't feel I live here although it has been over a year. Not sure why. I guess it is because I don't own any real estate here.

California is indeed a bit like a separate country rather that one of the US states. When Kobe Bryant died last week (taking off less than a mile from our apartment and crashing in a familiar place just north of LA), it was another reminder that this is the place where the megastars live. Name almost any megastar and although they may not live here they will very commonly spend time here. I have almost forgotten what bad weather is. I walk to work everyday. I wear only a sport coat everyday. I have used an umbrella maybe once. It is common to get a small shower (or a very heavy dew) in the night and it will be dried up early in the morning. It is low humidity.

Angie and I went for a short drive to Chino (inland) today. We had the top down on the freeway up to 90 mph (or so).

  • Freeway = Expressway
  • Left turn protected = Left arrow
  • Short Commute = 4 miles in 30 minutes
  • In and Out = 5 guys
  • California Stop = California Stop

It is best to think about this music when thinking about Orange County. The Chantays The Sandals


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