We are again back in Duluth from the farm in NY. We made good progress on the house and barn, fixing upgrading, cleaning. More to come.

We went to the dump three times, the metal scrap yard twice and the can/bottle redemption center once. I am slowly, but surely converting Angie to a redneck. It is a journey for her between US State Department work and scrapper-redneck.

The snow was a bit of a surprise as well as the "ice fog" in the Owego valley. The weather changes fast and extremely.

The corn was harvested. It has been so wet in NY we had to transfer the grain out in the road, rather than the field. The truck would get stuck.

We both have vivid dreams sleeping on the farm. The cool air and lack of population seems to trigger vivid dreaming. Sometimes the dreams are so vivid it is clear why some people may think they are abducted by aliens.


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