I was in Kansas most of this week. The TSA have a training center in Wichita. They are well known in my circles for physical molestation. Males often receive a "groin anomaly" check. I clearly told the TSA agent that he did not have my permission to touch me there in private or in public. He did it anyway. It really is that bad. I suspect they truly are perverts.

Below is a pic of a very weird "tribine" machine that makes no sense at all. Also, a pic of the new canopies under construction over the terminal drive up area at Atlanta airport.

Last week I heard of a former co-worker who died last week. He was 50. He was in good health. After a lot of speculation on our part we heard that his son has been arrested for his murder. mankatofreepress---Lifted text follows :

Text lifted follows: MANKATO — The Minnesota State University student accused of murdering his father reportedly stood to receive $500,000 from a life insurance policy and lied to police about his whereabouts around the time of his father's death.

A law enforcement application for a warrant to search Joshua Nathaniel Jordi's MSU dorm room outlines evidence that Jordi, 21, fatally stabbed his father in his father's home in Sparta, Tennessee.

Timothy Jordi, 50, was last seen March 5 and was found covered in blood on the floor of his bedroom after he failed to show up for work March 8.

According to a search warrant affidavit filed by Hunter Locke, a special agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation:

There were size 11 bloody footprints from Timothy Jordi's bedroom to the bathroom. There was a ladder outside the home up against a window and size 11 muddy footprints leading from the window to the victim's bedroom.

A relative of the victim identified Joshua Jordi as a suspect because he had an estranged relationship with his father.

A Tennessee investigator contacted the Mankato Department of Public Safety and Sgt. Adam Gray obtained the access logs for Crawford Residence Hall at MSU and learned Joshua Jordi entered the dorm the night of March 4 and did not enter again until March 7. The logs do not record exits.

Gray also found campus surveillance footage of someone changing the license plates on a car matching the one owned by Joshua Jordi. Gray went and looked at the car and observed what he believed to be a blood stain inside.

Locke came to Mankato and met with Jordi's roommate in their dorm room. The roommate told the agent he didn't see Jordi on March 5 or 6, and when he Jordi returned March 7, he told him he had gone on a trip.

On Jordi's side of the room, Locke observed a pair of size 11 shoes and a knife under the bed.

Meanwhile Tennessee authorities found life insurance paperwork in Timothy Jordi's residence showing Joshua Jordi would receive $500,000 if Timothy Jordi died.

Mankato police detective Tom Rother interviewed Joshua Jordi on Sunday and Jordi said he spent spring break on campus. After the detective confronted Jordi with the key-card records and asked him if he had actually left campus, Jordi allegedly nodded in the affirmative.

Jordi's room was searched Monday evening and four knives were found, the search warrant inventory states. Authorities also seized computers and a notebook containing a diagram of his father's home and a list with latex gloves, a change of clothes and other items “commonly associated with the concealment of a crime.”

Police also obtained a warrant and are examining Jordi's car.

Jordi is in the Blue Earth County Jail awaiting extradition to Tennessee, where he has been charged with first-degree murder.


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