Tuesday morning this week I woke up early for some meetings (I have a global job after all) and I spent some time reflecting. I remembered a book I read some time ago and some of the messages and started doing some cyber thinking -combination of googling and remembering. The warrior book. what was that? --"The Way of the Peaceful Warrior". the author? Yeah, Dan Millman. What is he up to? It turned out he was speaking in the Atlanta area Thursday. So Angel and I went and heard him speak and got a new copy of the book, now signed.

Definitely a great book and definitely was worth our time. My belief is that it was not a coincidence he was in town at this time. He jumped in just as the main character Socrates jumps into his story. Og Mandino, Paulo Coelho, Dan Millman. These are my kind of authors.

I remembered the individual that recommended the book to me at The Raymond Corporation. He was my right hand man. My boss told me he was getting fired. I fired him over the phone. My boss listened.


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