Easter is here. The weather is perfect for an Easter day. I have been working (for regular work) this weekend. There is so much to do.

I had a birthday a few days back. It was relaxed. I have been better at relaxing.

I did have time to build a Pedestrian Horn for the leaf. Supposedly, a few EVS such as Opel's Ampera have these pedestrian horns. The leaf did not, but mine does now. I used a small piezo buzzer, a push button, a small fuse and a couple hours of my life. There is a small accessory battery in the leaf so there was no rocket science trying to find a decent 12VDC power supply. The leaf is so quiet sometimes folks don't hear you behind them when they are walking. The regular horn is too loud when you sneak up behind a pedestrian. It is nice to have a quieter, friendly noise maker for this need. I felt good that I accomplished this small project without a single trip to the store for parts, tools or anything. I had it all in "my inventory stuff".


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