I am back from an extended business trip in China, Australia and Italy. It was a lot of miles, cultures and experiences. It was around the world and three hemispheres. It was over 30,000 air miles in 19 days and 9 cities in 6 countries ATL-SEA-PVG-HRB-PVG-MEL-DXB-BLQ-AMS-ATL

Highlights include: A Restaurant that reminded me of a Pet Shop. Worlds Fastest train (we clocked 430kph (267 MPH)). Plane ride from Shanghai to Melbourne Australia. Tram in Melbourne. Plane route avoiding airspace in Iraq and Syria, but over Iran -(extra hour at least). Dinner in Harbin. Winter Ice festival in Harbin China -(Cold). Downtown Harbin. Melbourne. Bells Beach Victoria AUS. Kangaroos in the wild on a Golf Course. Adriatic sea in Riccione Italy.


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