We are planning my Mom's memorial service for Sept 12 in Rochester.

Angie and I did some flying, tested out the new alternator and com 2 radio. I didn't realize until I looked at the pic turning final that the gyro had precessed that bad. It has been a problem. (Look at compass in the inst panel and look at the mag compass on top of the inst panel.) We also went for a drive in the Honda and got a bit sunburned. I have been organizing my shop in the basement. I way underestimated how much time and effort that takes. I have bought a number of new tools recently.

The tree is MY orange tree that I started from an Orange seed from an Orange in my lunch in 1997. I have almost killed that tree many times. It loves to be outside in the summer here. I have trimmed and trimmed that tree over the years. The tree has been through a lot. I guess I have too.

The bowl of figs is from our fig tree in the front yard. They are ripe now. Perfect.


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