I finally got a chance to blog. The world cup final is today. Although, I don't normally watch sports, I have been actually following this time. I have business in all the countries in the semi-finals and finals it seems.

I flew up to LGA and picked Angie up at JFK. Then we took the Acela train to Boston for the 4th of July. (Don't confuse the picture of the Boston Subway with the Acela Train.) Boston was a total washout from the hurricane effects. We then drove the truck (that my Sister staged in Boston) to the farm and expected to drive back to GA with the trailer and equipment, but I decided the trailer wasn't up to the trip. So, the trip was just with the loaded truck, with mostly radio equipment carefully wrapped in plastic bags and covered with a tarp.

I used my aviation GPS on my iPad (foreflight) to measure our progress on the Acela. We hit 129 knots (148.451 mph)(238.908 kph) on two occurrences.

Geese friends on lake back home in Duluth.


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