Life is good. It not just a catchy phrase. You get out what you put in. The universe is ambivalent and serves as a great retro-reflector. Angie is in Vladivostok. Her Father is recovering from some very significant procedures. It is a trying time, but I expect good things. Prayers in our Church here in Atlanta.

My Aunt Sis passed away when I was in Europe. There wasn't enough time for me or my sister to get to the funeral in Maine. It has been yet another strange experience that may not have a decent previous comparison. Let's see how long this URL stays valid: Catherine Johns of NY and Maine

I am probably not traveling much in the Month of June, unless, I really need to get away. I make my own adventures. Depending on the weather I am flying with a friend to a fly in in NC. I currently have a very experienced commercial pilot staying with me in Duluth. His insight is good and it all helps.

I have been walking to/from work. It is 4.3 miles each way. Although my driving commute is easy and short (choosing one of my three vehicles). Walking is a much better way overall. It is much better than these folks I see in their cars as a long commute as zombies. Break the mold. "It hurts when I do this".. "Well then don't do this"

Some geese friends on my lake out back. Angie riding her bike.


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