It has been a good week, they all are. We always need that reminder. Have you ever waken yourself up laughing? I did this past week. Weird! Experience profound irony in your subconscious. Make it a goal! There have been some really good physics discoveries these past few weeks, check them out.

I also walked to work this past (round trip) week. It was an extra 50 miles of walking this week. What a great experience. Beyond the great physical exercise, it reminded me of many things. It is a great expansion of thought, exercise, and practicality. It is the only cheaper way of getting to work than my electric car (since I plug if in elsewhere than home). Although my own mobility does require some extra bottled water.

  • Us humans are oafs in our cars
  • Rain is not and has never been a show-stopper
  • We are slobs, discarding stuff on roads
  • Sidewalks are nice
  • Us humans are physical units, not computers

If I decide to do a through-hike of the Appalachian trail (in a respectable time), I think I have a good calibrator. I can do it! I do need more work, but my body is within striking distance.

I am continuing to walk to work this coming week.

I attended a neighborhood party, it was very nice. Great original music, in a style like Patsy Cline.

We will be up in New England and New York and then driving South to Duluth, Ga., very cramped time of course (typical).


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